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    • LEGO® DOTS

      Passion, self-expression and fun

      Self-expression and style meet in LEGO® DOTS! Show off your one-of-a-kind style by creating unique designs and patterns on the Stitch-on Patches. Then attach them to your clothes, bag or wherever. Watch the video, then see what you can come up with. You DOT you!

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    Share your fashion sense with LEGO® DOTS

    Want to share your love of fashion? Here are our 3 top tips to do it with DOTS: - Colors rule – Create color-filled designs that really show off a passion for fashion. - Share your joy – Wear clothes and accessories that make you happy. - Show off your creativity – Show your style and design unique patches or jewelry. You DOT You!

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        • 76912

          LEGO® Speed Champions

          Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

          Experience the Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T up close! This awesome LEGO® Speed Champions replica of the legendary muscle car is now yours to collect, construct and explore. Recreate the vehicle’s iconic lines piece by piece. And when you’re done, you can proudly display your creation or pop the Dominic Toretto minifigure behind the wheel and head out for high-speed race action!

          • 76911

            LEGO® Speed Champions

            007 Aston Martin DB5

            Get a license to build one of the world’s most iconic automobiles with this LEGO® Speed Champions recreation of the elegant 007 Aston Martin DB5. Explore the timeless design of the famous British sports car as you recreate it piece by piece. And when you’re done building, put it on display or pop the No Time To Die-James Bond™ minifigure behind the wheel and head out on a high-speed mission!

            • 71412

              LEGO® Super Mario™

              Big Bad Island Expansion Set

              Visit Big Bad Island for big battles! Leap onto the launcher to send the Big Goomba flying and stomp on the normal-sized Goomba, Find the ? Block to gain Super Star power, coins or extra time. Knock over the Big Koopa Troopa and twist on the top of the brick tower to topple Iggy. These characters come with brick-built stands for display or to place them in the levels you create.

              • 71405

                LEGO® Super Mario™

                Fuzzy Flippers Expansion Set

                Raise your LEGO® Super Mario™ level sky-high with flying Fuzzies. Jump on the orange Mushroom Trampoline and spring into action to get to the Fuzzies! Stomp each end of the flippers to flip the Fuzzies over and defeat them. And don’t forget to stomp on the Time Block if you are running out of time!

                • 71406

                  LEGO® Super Mario™

                  Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set

                  Welcome to Yoshi’s Gift House! Say “hello” to Yoshi and check the mailbox for letters. Relax by the fireplace and have a nap in Yoshi’s bed. Pick the red and green fruits. To make each fruit extra yummy (and earn bonus coins), go for a spin on the Treat Carousel until they turn gold. Eat the fruit yourself or use the gift box to share them with a friend. But watch out for Monty Mole!

                  • 71409

                    LEGO® Super Mario™

                    Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge Expansion Set

                    Build your own sky level for battles with a Big Spike! Dodge the spiked roller and stomp on the Big Spike’s head. Bounce on the orange Mushroom Trampoline to get extra spring in your jump. Use the 2 Mushroom Trampolines to topple and defeat Boomerang Bro. Ride Boomerang Bro’s sky-high platform, then use Super Star power to defeat the Piranha Plant and win lots of coins!

                    • 75332

                      LEGO® Star Wars™


                      Help brave Ewok Wicket defend against the Scout Troopers! Build a lookout in the forests of Endor and prepare for battle. Here comes the mighty AT-ST, stomping through the trees. And watch out for the Scout Trooper attacking on a speeder. Use Wicket’s bow and arrow and catapult to fend them off. This is a battle you must win!

                      • 75337

                        LEGO® Star Wars™

                        AT-TE™ Walker

                        Power into battle against the Separatist Droid Army, with the mighty AT-TE Walker! With Commander Cody in the cockpit, stride across rocky terrain and fire the rotating heavy blaster cannon. Grab weapons and thermal detonators from the cabin and deploy the 212th Clone Troopers to fight the Battle Droids on the ground. Who will triumph in the Battle of Utapau? It’s up to you!

                        • 71407

                          LEGO® Super Mario™

                          Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set

                          Emergency! Kamek has frozen the tower using ice magic and has captured Toad! Jump on the lever to release the Coin Block from the ice and grab the yellow fruit. Find Peach’s Cat Suit to power up and climb the tower. Knock ice off the tower and activate the POW Block to topple Kamek. Then jump on the top of the tower and twist to break the ice and release your friend Toad!

                          • 76218

                            LEGO® Marvel™

                            Sanctum Sanctorum

                            This 3-story, 360-degree, modular set brings together 2 unforgettable scenes from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With 9 iconic minifigures, several customizable elements and countless authentic details, the model’s build-and-display possibilities are endless.

                            • 75338

                              LEGO® Star Wars™

                              Ambush on Ferrix™

                              Help Cassian Andor and his companion Luthen Rael escape inspector Syril Karn's ambush on planet Ferrix. Syril Karn’s Mobile Tac-Pod has a rotating double stud shooter to target the Rebels on their speeder. Unclip Cassian and Luthen’s weapons and fight back. Then power through the salvage markets of Ferrix to get away!

                              • 75323

                                LEGO® Star Wars™

                                The Justifier™

                                Bounty hunter Cad Bane has imprisoned Omega on board The Justifier. This awesome starship has a super-detailed cockpit, spring-loaded shooters and cool flight and landing modes. Help Omega break out from the laser jail cell, with help from droid Todo 360, and team up with Hunter to get away. But there’s a big bounty reward on her head, so Bane and Fennec Shand won’t give up easily!

                                • 75340

                                  LEGO® Star Wars™

                                  LEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar

                                  Build excitement for Christmas with daily surprises from the 2022 LEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar! Find your favorite characters in seasonal outfits, mini build vehicles, scenes and equipment, plus fun accessories. There’s something cool to discover behind every door, so you can relive epic Star Wars scenes and role-play your own festive adventures.

                                  • 76231

                                    LEGO® Marvel™

                                    Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar

                                    Build up to the holidays with the LEGO® Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar! Open a different door each day of December to discover a surprise gift. There are 6 minifigures waiting to be revealed, plus mini builds and accessories. As the big day approaches, bring the gifts together to recreate favorite scenes and Marvel adventures of your own.

                                    • 41706

                                      LEGO® Friends

                                      LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar

                                      Count down to Christmas with Olivia’s family as they celebrate the holidays. She’s taking her nephew Santiago and his friend Ava to meet Santa at a market. Behind each door is a new character, tasty food stall or fun activity waiting to be discovered. Play with the mini builds or use them to decorate your bedroom ready for the big day!

                                    LEGO® Friends

                                    Help protect animals this summer!

                                    Think how this summer you could help wildlife close to home. Do you have a backyard? Then you could build a hedgehog house or bug hotel from a few branches and leaves. If you live in an apartment, you could plant a window box of insect-friendly plants or fix a bird feeder to the wall. So think big (or small!) and help wildlife thrive this summer.

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                                      Meet Lucy

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                                        • LEGO® DOTS

                                          Express yourself anywhere

                                          Self-expression and creativity connect in LEGO® DOTS! Show off your creativity by designing unique patterns on the stick-on patches to match your passion, mood or whatever. Check out the video and explore the possibilities to express yourself in unexpected ways. You DOT you!

                                          • LEGO® Friends

                                            Watch Three New LEGO Friends Episodes! Trailer 2

                                            Big changes are coming to the lives of Stephanie, Olivia, Emma, Mia and Andrea and you won’t want to miss out. Check out three new videos featuring your favorite characters from Heartlake City, plus some new faces!

                                            • LEGO®

                                              OLV & Social - '90 Second Challenge' 240 sec Weekly - Week 7 - Loserfruit

                                              • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                New ninja upgrades as they prepare for a brand-new, secret mission!

                                                The ninja take to the road and the air for a secret mission in the new season, NINJAGO®: Crystalized. The crew are really hyped about their awesome new rides that even have special paint to avoid identification. What is the mission? And can Cole, Zane and the rest of the crew remain undetected in these superfast vehicles?

                                                • LEGO®

                                                  Lego con ekow

                                                  • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                    The Ninja vs the Mechanic!

                                                    The ninja learn a mysterious Crystal King is recruiting a council of evil enemies – including the Mechanic! Who is the Crystal King? Why is he gathering a powerful counsel? Get ready for another action-packed mission with the ninja!

                                                    • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                      Who is the water dragon?

                                                      When a water dragon saves a drowning sailor, he recognizes the dragon’s voice. Whose voice did the sailor hear?

                                                      • LEGO®

                                                        Lego con technic

                                                        • LEGO® Technic

                                                          How many hacks are in this video?

                                                          How many ways can you hack a LEGO® Technic™ pull-back vehicle? What’s your favorite morning routine hack? Tell us in the comments.

                                                          • LEGO®

                                                            Lego con star wars

                                                            • LEGO®

                                                              Lego con family

                                                              • LEGO® Friends

                                                                Follow your passion and make new friends along the way!

                                                                Hi guys, Olivia here! I’m just here to give the biggest shout-out to friendships of all kinds! If you want to, you can make new friends everywhere! Just look at me, going to the space academy has given me so many amazing new friendships! It really helped that we all shared the same passion, SPACE. Watch this video to see some great examples of friendships... also some unexpected ones!

                                                                • LEGO® Life

                                                                  Incredible LEGO® Art in 90 Minutes!

                                                                  We slowed down this week’s challenge to give artist Hebru Brantley 90 minutes to build a LEGO® masterpiece…and he didn’t disappoint.

                                                                  • LEGO® Life

                                                                    Alicia Keys builds a FLYING LEGO® piano | 90-Second LEGO Challenge

                                                                    Alicia Keys is one of the greatest musical artists on the planet, but can she build a magical LEGO® piano in just 90 seconds? It’s the 90-Second LEGO Challenge!

                                                                  Discover cool games

                                                                    • THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™

                                                                      Emmet Vision

                                                                      Use your device to scan real-life objects as fast as possible to help Emmet pack his spaceship.

                                                                      • LEGO® Star Wars™

                                                                        “The Last Jedi” 360 Experience

                                                                        Take part in a fully immersive 360-degree experience as you build the battle and take part in a unique LEGO® adventure that is set in the same time and location of Star Wars “The Last Jedi”. Create vehicles from the movie and watch them do battle as both Resistance and First Order try to seize control.

                                                                        • LEGO® Technic

                                                                          Build the new LEGO® Technic McLaren Senna GTR!

                                                                          Can you beat the timer? Play and complete all the challenges in time to build the new LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR.

                                                                          • THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™

                                                                            General Mayhem Attacks

                                                                            Play as Emmet, Lucy, Benny and Unikitty in this fast paced, scrolling, target shooting game. •Manage all 4 heroes, moving from cover to cover through the streets of Apocalypseburg. •Watch out for attacks from General Mayhem. •Tap Mayhem’s ship to launch bricks at it. •Tap heroes to make them duck and dodge. Final goal is to get all of our four heroes to safety.

                                                                            • LEGO® DC

                                                                              Play Gotham City Speed!

                                                                              Help Batman™ defeat the villains and send them back to Arkham Asylum!

                                                                              • LEGO® Star Wars™

                                                                                LEGO® Star Wars Battle Run

                                                                                Follow BB-8™ as you roll your way through an intense battle on the planet of Crait™. You choose how the story will change and whether to help the Resistance or to join the First Order.

                                                                                • LEGO® City

                                                                                  Prison Island Interactive Video

                                                                                  HEY! Here's your chance to help the cops catch the nasty crooks escaping LEGO® City Prison Island! Just swipe and click your way through this fun interactive adventure!

                                                                                  • LEGO® Life

                                                                                    Bits and Bricks

                                                                                    Bit the adventurous LEGO® robot needs your help! Can you tell Bit what to do?

                                                                                    • LEGO® NINJAGO®

                                                                                      LEGO Ninjago: Prime Empire

                                                                                      Play the new LEGO Ninjago Prime Empire game! Help Jay to overcome obstacles and fight off enemies in the dangerous world of Prime Empire video game. Can you make it to the last level?

                                                                                      • LEGO® Speed Champions

                                                                                        LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS

                                                                                        Now you can race to be the Speed Champion wherever you are. Download the game to your mobile device and start racing!

                                                                                        • LEGO® Marvel™

                                                                                          Guardians of the Galaxy

                                                                                          Join the Guardians of the Galaxy on a mission through space. Play as Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax, and unlock the ability to play as Groot, as they retrieve the treasures and equipment they need to uncloak the evil Ronan and save the galaxy.

                                                                                          • LEGO® Life

                                                                                            Let’s play

                                                                                            Start your engines and rescue citizens in LEGO® Gloom Busters. Drive around the world and help the 15 different characters around the castle, farm and mysterious forest. The more you help, the more rewards you get. Collect as many LEGO pieces within the time limit as you can.